Google Sites Example Website

This one-page website was created in Google Sites. Scroll down to see some sample "live" Google Workspace components embedded in the site. Samples include Slides, Charts, Maps, Docs, Forms, Drawings, Calendars, and a Google Drive video.

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A Fast & Easy Website Builder

With both Google Workspace and consumer Gmail, you have the ability to easily create a site like this one, Google Sites.

Google Sites can be used to create an intranet or a public microsite on a subdomain. 

According to Built With, there are over 535,000 websites in the United States built with Sites.

For an intranet application, a Google site can be selectively shared with people within an organization. A Human Resources microsite is a popular intranet application.

Scroll down to see how Google Workspace components can be embedded in Google Sites.

Embed a Google Slides Presentation

Below is an Google Slides presentation, which, in turn has embedded charts from a Google Sheet.

This presentation is set to autoplay and to loop,  but either option can be disabled. The delay time between slides is set to 5 seconds.

Google Sheets Chart Embed Demo*

Drop-In a Spreadsheet Chart

With just a few clicks, you can embed a chart from any Google Sheets spreadsheet into Google Sites. The following chart was created with data from the GOOGLEFINANCE function

As far as data from this function goes, Google cautions, "Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice."

Embed a Google Drawing

This embedded Drawing has clickable links to product pages. Drawings have a higher display resolution when embedded in Sites than they do in Docs or Slides. They are not affiliate links, but that type of link could be a use case.

Include a My Map

You can add any Google My Map to Google Sites.

If you click on a wine glass in the map below, a Google Maps panel will slide out. From there, you can navigate to the winery's website, view pictures and even plan your trip in Google Maps.

Insert a Calendar

Add one or more Google Calendars that you want to share with your visitors. An example is a schedule of events that you want to share with visitors. The default view for an embedded map can be Agenda, Month or Week.

Embed a Google Doc

If you have long-form content that you want visitors to read, you can embed this content as a Google Document.

Note the popup button in the upper right hand corner.

Learn more about how Google Docs works.

Project proposal

Display a Google Form

If you respond to the following poll, you will see the responses of others.

Embed a video from Google Drive

Any video that you upload to Google Drive and then share publicly can be played just like a YouTube video. Unlike with YouTube, there is no thumbnail control.

How to Add Users to G Suite

Embed a Spreadsheet

Gantt chart

Embed HTML

Here is a simple HTML table embed:

Google Sites Updates

Google continues to release updates to Google Sites. Find out about the latest updates on the Workspace Updates blog.