New Google Sites Demo

This page was created in the new Google Sites. Scroll down to see some sample G Suite "live" components embedded in the site. Samples include Slides, Charts, Maps, Docs, Forms, Calendar and a Google Drive video.

A Fast & Easy Website Builder

With both G Suite and consumer Gmail, you have the ability to easily create a site like this one, using the new Google Sites.

Google Sites can be used to create an intranet or a public website. Scroll or swipe down to see how G Suite components can be embedded in Google Sites.

For an intranet application, a Google site can be selectively shared with only certain people.

The G Suite version of new Google Sites allows for domain mapping, which means you can point your main www domain or a subdomain to a Google Sites page.

Google Sheets Chart Embed Demo*

Embed a Google Slides Presentation

You can easily embed any Google document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, calendar, video, map or chart.

You can also use embed code provided by just about any non-Google site.

To the left is Google Slides presentation with embedded charts from a Google Sheet.

This presentation is set to autoplay and to loop, but either option can be disabled. The delay time between slides is set to 5 seconds.

Drop In a Spreadsheet Chart

With just a few clicks, you can embed a chart from any Google Sheets spreadsheet.

This is actual data showing the total number of visitors, by month to a blog post and the number of visitors who clicked a call to action banner.

Adding a Google Analytics Event to the CTA banner and then pulling the visitor data and Event data from Google Analytics into Google Sheets using an add-on makes this possible.

Include a Map

So many wineries, so little time.

Sonoma Valley, a.k.a. Valley of the Moon, is known as the birthplace of the California wine industry. It it also the closest collection of wineries to San Francisco.

There are five different growing regions or American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in Sonoma Valley. They are: Los Carneros; Sonoma Valley; Sonoma Mountain; Moon Mountain; and Bennett Valley.

Click on the top right icon to view the map in a separate tab.

If you click on a marker (a wine glass), a Google Maps panel will slide out. From there, you can navigate to the winery's website, view pictures and even plan your trip in Google Maps.

Here is an entire Google Site dedicated to California wine maps.

Insert a Calendar

Add a Google Calendar that you want to share with your visitors. This could be a schedule of events or any type of calendar that you want to embed. The default view can be Agenda, Month or Week. You can navigate back in time to see scores.

Gmail: iOS app design changes

Embed a Document

If you have long form content that you want visitors to read, you can embed this content as a Google Document.

Note the popup button in the upper righthand corner.

This document, from Google, provides detail on the changes in the November 2016 update to the iOS app for Gmail.

Learn more about how Google Docs works.

Display a Google Form

If you respond to this poll, you will see how others have answered.

How to Add Users to G Suite

You can also embed a video from Google Drive.

Any video that you upload to Google Drive and share publicly can be played just like a YouTube video.

There's no thumbnail control, however.

Link to a Google+ Community

Embed a Spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet that uses the ImportXML function to display a list of G Suite related blog posts.

G Suite Related Blog Posts from

Embed HTML

The ability to embed code was added since the release of new Google Sites. The above table is HTML.